About Us

Connaisseur Food Concepts Limited is a family owned business that sells and distributes its own line of premium quality waffle & pancake mixes.

Founded in 1977, we were one of the first companies to introduce a one-step, "just add water" product to the foodservice industry. Working together with respected chefs and food chemists, we have developed a line of mixes that are consistent, easy to prepare, and use only the finest ingredients. Our commitment to excellence allows you to serve your guests a product of unsurpassed taste and quality.

We're inspired by all the compliments we've received over the years from the guests of the properties we supply who have purchased our mixes for home use. And now, we're excited to make the Connaisseur brand available to you through our online store.

Connaisseur’s success is rooted in our strong core values and commitment to providing the best quality, service and value to our customers. Our company’s respected name, integrity, and relationships have fostered continued sales growth throughout Canada, the United States and select international markets.

Connaisseur mixes are manufactured in BRC certified facilities sourcing quality ingredients from internationally recognized suppliers.

Contact us today to learn how our premium products and first-class service can meet your needs. 



"I’ve used the Connaisseur mixes during my time in the hotel industry and as an add water only mix, the flavour is outstanding. Both pancakes & waffles can be made in advance and reheated, without compromise, making them ideal for large volume/banquet events. 

During my time as Executive Chef of Hilton Hotels, I had many guests comment on the pancakes/waffles and inquiring where the mixes could be purchased. The pancake mix was a huge favourite in my home; my kids loved how easy they were to make and how good they tasted.

Thank you for making me look good for so many years!"

- John Cirillo
Cirillo’s Academy, Proprietor and Former Executive Chef Hilton International Hotels

"From our first bite of these pancakes at the Four Seasons Maui, my husband and I fell in love. Now we look forward to our Saturday morning tradition - making pancakes with our three daughters. They are just as in love with this delicious mix as we are. Nothing compares to the taste! Truly unrivaled. And, what's even better, they are so simple to make. We will forever be loyal customers and appreciate the quality and customer service from Guido and his entire team at Connaisseur Foods. A Texas-sized thank you!"

- Laura H. in Austin, TX

"I've used the Connaisseur brand for many years. The quality and consistency of their mixes is top notch.  Easy to make, add water only and the taste is in a class of its own.  A favourite with guests who are surprised the pancakes and waffles are not made from scratch."

- Thomas Bellec, Executive Chef, Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai

"This mix makes delicious fluffy pancakes, as well as amazing Belgian waffles. Having grown up in Belgium, I have to say that these are by far the best GF waffles I have ever tasted. They are perfectly crisped on the outside, yet not too dense on the inside. The batter is simple and very easy to prepare, just add water to the mix. These pancakes and waffles are just simply delicious, whether served with maple syrup, berries or whipping cream. My whole family just loves them."

- Rita B, Oakville, ON Canada